Dissolution of Civil Partnership

Dissolution of Civil Partnership

Dissolution of Civil Partnership

The Dissolution of Civil Partnership in Ireland

The dissolution of Civil Partnership in Ireland can be an extremely difficult and emotional time. We provide expert advice dissolution of civil partnership in Ireland and guidance to same-sex couples to help them through this difficult period.

We take time to explain the process clearly and it is our aim to be supportive and proactive throughout.

Experts in a Dissolution of Civil Partnership

The Dissolution of a Civil Partnership allows you to formally end your civil partnership. This will then allow you to enter a new relationship or marriage. In order to apply for a Dissolution of A Civil Partnership you must be living apart for 2 out of the last 3 preceding years and the court must be satisfied that you and your partner are properly provided for.

Where an agreement cannot be reached in relation to financial matters, the court has powers to make orders relating to property owned by you for your former partner, your shared home, financial support, pensions, or for financial compensation.Read more about dissolution of civil partnership…

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Whether you have decided to separate or thinking about a separation, the initial steps you take are very important. A confidential consultation is highly recommended as it can help you identify the issues, the options available, the timelines involved and the associated legal fees.

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